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Auto Mechanic Services in Leichhardt

No matter how old your car is, servicing it regularly is the best way to ensure that it remains in tip-top condition. A well-maintained car is reliable, more efficient and will last longer. Repairing your car keeps it in great working order because all mechanical and electric issues are solved. The interval that you should take your car to service depends on several factors. The best way to know how often you should take your car to a mechanic is to check it's handbook about the model, engine and fuel type to know the service interval of your vehicle. You do not want to pay a hefty fine for driving a poorly maintained car or better yet be unable to drive it!

Do you need auto mechanic repair in Leichhardt?

We offer high-quality services in Leichhardt. Our company specialises in preventative maintenance and auto repair to extend the life of your vehicle. If you need a Leichhardt mechanic, you can trust our highly trained technicians who will get the job done right the first time. When you suspect a problem with your vehicle, do not hesitate to bring it to our technicians who will assess it and fix any issues.

Logbook Servicing Leichhardt

Most new car owners end up paying ridiculous servicing fees charged by some car dealerships. Often, the servicing fees are doubled followed by low-quality service compared to what you'd from an experienced mechanic. Something your dealer probably forgot to mention about your car is that you can service it with a reputable dealership and still maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Are you looking for Logbook service Leichhardt? Choose us for your logbook servicing needs. We are authorised and registered to offer logbook services which will include every manufacturer’s item according to schedule. The price to be charged on for a log book service depends on the state of your car as well as the recommended inclusions from the manufacturer however this is generally always cheaper than dealerships.

Pink Slip Inspection Leichhardt

We know that your car’s registration can be such a daunting task which is why we strive to make it as simple as possible. A pink slip inspection report determines if your car is safe and ready for the road. It is a requirement in Leichhardt for your car to be inspected. Vehicles more than 3-years-old require the checkup where we will advise you whether your car needs inspection or not. If your car is roadworthy, the pink slip will be sent electronically to RTA for registration renewal. If your vehicle fails the pink slip check, we will issue you with a “repairs needed report” and even make the repairs for you so that your vehicle can be registered.

Why Choose Us?

Right repairs- the first time: With the very finest group of mechanics in Leichhardt, our goal is to do the job right the very first time. What’s more, we have equipped our professionals with the latest tools and resources which allow us to diagnose even the most challenging repairs.

Convenient automotive service: We understand the hassles of disrupting your entire day to bring the car to us. It’s the reason that we offer almost every repair service for your vehicle to reduce the burden for you. We repair your vehicle as you wait while we keep you comfortable in our waiting area.

Friendly service: Each of our customers is part of our family. Upon coming to us, we will listen to your problems and answer them with as many options as possible allowing you to make an informed decision. We will not pressure you or talk over your head like some other mechanics.