Cheap Pink Slip Inspections Leichhardt

Cheap Pink Slip Leichhardt

Cheap pink slip inspections & rego checks

Driving an unregistered car in Leichhardt may lead to hefty fines or your car being seized on the spot. Therefore, it is important that you stay on top of any car rego checks that are expected of you by the state. A vehicle that is older than three years needs to undergo a pink slip safety inspection to complete the registration renewal process. Servicing your vehicle regularly is necessary for your safety and that of others. Also, it will save you from incurring costly repairs and potential fines for operating an unregistered vehicle. These rego checks include;

Cheap logbook servicing Leichhardt

A full log book service is a critical and comprehensive service for all vehicles. At All Care Tyre & Automotive, we strive to ensure your vehicle gets the right log book service that is in accordance with its manufacturer's specifications. By so doing, your car can work more efficiently, with a longer life span, better speeds as well as ensure your pink slip stays valid. We specialise in European models with a full logbook service Mercedes, BMW, VW and Audi all in our Leichhardt shop.

Other than these critical tests, you need to maintain your vehicle regularly to keep it running at its best. Routine maintenance helps you reduce future repair costs, improve your car's performance, retain its value and ultimately improve longevity. Here is some regular maintenance you need to undertake for your vehicle.

Regular tire inspections

Make sure you inspect your tires every morning before driving your car
• Check to see whether the air pressure is the correct amount according to the vehicle’s owner’s manual
• Check the treads to see whether they are wearing evenly
• Check the sidewalls to confirm that there are no cracks or puncture
If you realize anything is amiss, visit our All Care Tyre & Automotive shop for us to inspect and repair it for you.

Check vehicle fluids

It is also imperative that you check your vehicle’s fluids regularly. Make sure the fluids do not go below the line indicated on the reservoir of each fluid. Change the oil whenever recommended to keep the parts properly lubricated, and check to see if there are any signs of a leak. If you find any leakage that needs immediate repair, bring your car to All Care Tyre & Automotive for inspection. At All Care Tyre & Automotive, we can help ensure your vehicle is road worthy, meets all Leichhardt regulations and is in the most efficient state possible. Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology equipment to carry out inspections, repairs or service on all models of cars.